Be a Force for Change

Mentors are a critical component to the success of Take Stock in Children. Mentors serve as positive role-models, advocates, coaches and friends. As a Take Stock Mentor you meet weekly with your scholar at their school and have an opportunity to help a child reach their goal of a college education.

of students who have mentors are more likely to set higher education goals and attend college compared to their peers who did not have mentors. -The Mentoring Effect, 2014


mentor sessions in 2020-2021


mentors trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid and Resiliency


volunteers & mentors, the largest mentoring program in Alachua County

How to Apply

Apply, Train, Meet, Change A Life Over Lunch

Steps to becoming a mentor:

  • Download the mentor onboarding paperwork above
  • Email the completed application to our Mentor Coordinator Kate Clement,
  • Attend a mentor training session
  • Once trained, we will match you to a Take Stock in Children scholar and coordinate an introduction to your mentee
  • Meet weekly (a minimum of 15 sessions in a school year) with your mentee and change a life over lunch!
  • TSIC is currently offering both in-person and virtual mentoring options

At its core, mentoring connects students to trusted adults who can guide them through critical growth and personal development. Mentors help students understand that they are never truly alone. By consistently meeting with their students, mentors develop strong relationships that positively impact the lives of students.

It takes a mentor to encourage students, help them develop their skills, and build their confidence. Take Stock in Children mentors serve as positive role models by displaying values of punctuality, dependability, and reliability.

Lend your time, talents, and experiences to help guide a student to graduation.

  • I have had mentors appear at critical points throughout my life who have been instrumental in guiding me out of trouble and onto alternative paths. It gives me great pleasure seeing and knowing that my mentoring is influencing and impacting the student I mentor.

    Phil Bennett, 4 years mentoring with TSIC Phil Bennett, 4 years mentoring with TSIC
  • I feel that TSIC has given me the opportunity to be a part of something that is lasting and makes a difference in the lives of the persons that I come into contact with.

    Eunice Brown-Davis, 6 Years of Mentoring with TSIC Eunice Brown-Davis, 6 Years of Mentoring with TSIC
  • I mentor because I know the impact that mentors have had on me. I want to be able to support someone else the way that I was supported. I would not be where I am today without those mentors in my life.

    Feba Mathew, first year mentor Feba Mathew, first year mentor
  • I love being a mentor and watching the positive difference I make in my mentee’s life. It is so rewarding helping someone reach their full potential.

    Tammy Stuve, 7 years of mentoring with TSIC Tammy Stuve, 7 years of mentoring with TSIC
  • An opportunity to mentor at my alma mater came available. It’s a small rural school and I wanted to get involved to make my student aware of her opportunities and keep her motivated to achieve success.

    Sissy Hart, first year mentor Sissy Hart, first year mentor
  • To help a child open new door is the best of all things.

    Gigi Roark, 4 years mentoring with TSIC Gigi Roark, 4 years mentoring with TSIC