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Find It & Fund It is an interactive online portal for the Alachua County Public Schools, which allows teachers to post projects for funding up to $1,500 and provides an opportunity for members of the community to support local teachers.

Community Information

If you are interested in funding a project, follow the Find it and Fund it link above to access their website. Projects can be found by searching according to Teacher, School, or Category.  When you find a project you would like to fund, you will be asked to register and then can complete your donation. Once a donation is made, money will be sent to The Education Foundation, and then the Foundation will disperse the funds to the individual teachers through the school. Please note that if a teacher receives partial funding and cannot complete the original project, they may use the donated money to fund other projects for their classroom. Additionally, supplies and equipment purchased with money from Find It & Fund It are the property of the school and not the individual teacher. 

Teacher Information

To post new projects, teachers and staff can apply by visiting You can register/log-in at the top right of the website and begin to write your project proposal. Once the project has been submitted, the principal or designated authority at your school will approve the project, and then final approval will be given through The Education Foundation. When final approval is given, the project will be live on the Find It & Fund It website, and will be available to be funded by members of the community.

Find It & Fund It will be most successful if we all work together to promote the program. Teachers and administrators can share projects on Facebook and other various social media sites, as well as send e-mails to friends, PTA’s, and other business partners in order to spread the word about Find It & Fund It. The Education Foundation will also be reaching out to the community and various businesses to ask for their support. Take a look at our Suggestions for Sharing Find It & Fund It  handout for ideas on how to promote your project and this program.

A Few Things to Note:

  • Beginning August 7th, The Education Foundation will match funding for any project that receives 50% of their funding from an outside source to fully fund the project. This challenge will last through September 30, 2017, or until $7,000 has been distributed.
  • All supplies purchased with money from Find It & Fund It are the property of the school, not the individual teacher.
  • Special projects over $1,500  may be allowed. Please contact Luisana Segu at 352-955-7250 Ext. 262 if you wish to make a request on Find It & Fund It above $1,500.

Technology Requests:

o   Any technology requests will be vetted through the technology department for the Alachua County Public Schools

o   If requesting a tablet or iPad of any kind: You must request a regular size 64 GB iPad with Apple Care and a case

o   Requests for additional Apps for iPads and other technology will not be allowed

o   If requesting a document camera: You must request a Lumens DC192

   Gainesville Fine Arts Association Partnership:

GFAA RedBlack Logo (1)The Education Foundation has partnered with the Gainesville Fine Arts Association to fund projects with a focus on visual arts. After a teacher submits an arts project on the Find it & Fund it website, the project will first be sent to the GFAA before it goes live to the public. If the GFAA is interested in the project it will provide 50% of its funding! During the match challenge, if your arts project receives 50% of its funding from the GFAA the Foundation will provide the other half to fully fund your project!

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